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Thread: Password Strength Checker

Created on: 11/Dec/12 04:23 PM

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Password Strength Checker
11/Dec/12 4:23 PM

Password Strength Checker
Keeping your online information safe and secure is important to us, so as part of our ongoing free SiteBuilder updates we are upgrading our password security systems.
We are introducing a New 'Password Strength Checker' as part of this update.
You will be asked to change your sitebuilder 'admin' passwords when we put this feature live.
Our password strength checker will advise you how strong your 'SiteBuilder Admin' password is and will immediately rate your new password as
Very weak
Very strong
You will need to choose a password that is rated at least okay to proceed, using a strong password is important, making sure that your online data is safe and secure online.
We've put together a range of password tips to help you to create a strong password
SiteBuilder Admin Password Tips
Pick a phrase that means enough to you that it will be easy to remember. Include spaces and punctuation. For example, Green door number four
Your phrase could also be a string of unexpected words.  For example, BlueSquirrelHammerSoup
Making a password longer is always better For example, ireallylikestrongcolumbiancoffee 
Use the entire keyboard, not just the letters and characters you use or see most often.
If it makes it easier for you to remember use the first letters from a line of your favourite song. For example " You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht" would become, ywitplywwoay
DO NOT use your first, middle or last name in any form.
DO NOT use dates, no matter the combination of words and numbers. For example. September, SEPT1969, etc.
DO NOT use the same password on more than one system.
DO NOT use words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and abbreviations.
DO NOT use sequential letters or numbers. For example 12346, qwerty, abcdefg
You will be asked to change your password regularly so it’s important you remember your SiteBuilder password and keep it safe.



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